Ever wondered why did you do something exactly as it shouldn’t be done? Ever found yourself playing some silly game instead of working or enjoying some quality time with your family? Ever broke up a relationship without a solid reason, just because you felt that’s “the best thing to do” in that moment? Ever felt that something’s wrong inside your head and that you may also hold the answer to all your problems?

If you can answer “Yes” to at least one of the questions above, that means you’re on the right path. Even better, you may be on the right path to becoming a psychologist! Sure, asking questions doesn’t give you any certification, but as soon as you start getting answers… this means you may also be able to answer others’ questions, and that’s why we are here: to try answering your questions about the inner self, the reasons behind one’s actions, thoughts, and more.

Before going to a therapist and spend a lot of money to get some answers, be sure to think about your problems and the questions that need to be answered. In the end, the truth may be closer than you think so, if you can’t find it, at least let us try to help you! 😉

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