About Relationships and Pickup Artists

If you are a man that’s not particularly good looking or rich, you surely reached a stage of your life when you searched ways of meeting women you’d like and tried to make them like you somehow. Probably you studied about pickup and pickup artists, right? Maybe you even bought books and CDs, hoping your success with women would somehow rise over night. Well, strangely enough, after reading such materials myself, I found a couple of flaws which seem to repeat themselves, over and over again, so…

1. Unfortunately, none of these materials doesn’t emphasize enough on the looks aspect!

You have to look good, that meaning you have to be careful about the following:

  1. – teeth – no cavities, make them white;
  2. – haircut – something which suites the shape of your head;
  3. – skin – use whatever is necessary to eliminate zits, stains and the sort;
  4. – beard – usually clean shaved or, if not, use a trendy beard design;
  5. – clothes – elegant, in trend – designers’ jeans, shirts, shoes, jackets.
  6. – accessories – rings, necklaces, even earrings (if you like them, of course)

I know it’s unfortunate, but women tend to search for what they see on TV or in the glossy magazines. Therefore, although it sucks, you must look like that and attract attention, exactly like the stars you see in the media.

I almost forgot – go to the gym! It’s a bonus and it’s always welcomed.

All them damn books talk about what I said, but they don’t tell you these things are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

2. Lack of motivation – these pickup artists don’t succeed in motivating people to actually make a pickup. Although they say try and try and try, use this method and that method (which – by the way – they really work), they don’t say – GO TO THE GIRL YOU LIKE, which may not be the most good looking, or the… whatever, the other aspects aren’t of consequence, but it is the one you like that really matters, after all.

I say this – read, learn the skills, test them on the women you come in contact with – co-workers, friends, sellers, whatever, but don’t get hitched with them, just test the skills to see what works and what is more appropriate for you to use then, when the moment arrives and you actually meet the woman you really like, use all you know and use that because you like her, not because you just want to have her or because you want to prove something to you or to others.

The mindset is very important. If your mindset is “maaan, I’m gonna roll them all in no time,” weeell, you’ll do squat in no time. But if your mindset is “I want to improve myself, let’s see if these things work and if they are OK”, then you actually have a good fighting chance. Good luck and feel free to drop a comment below with your own pickup tips or stories, they’re always welcome! 😉

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