Documentaries About Sexuality

I am sure you figured out already that there’s no way to write something on documentaries about sexuality and say “This is it!” simply because such a topic can’t be closed. Considering this, feel free to add your suggestions below, and I’ll be glad to put them on the list. For now, we’ll only have a few items here, since I am not such a big fan of documentaries and I only happen to remember a few of the documentaries about sexuality I happened to come across. These being said, I thank you in advance for your help and hope that this article will become the most useful page on the whole Web for people looking to enrich their knowledge on sexuality.

Ready or not, here we go… List Position/Movie Title/Year/My Comments:

1. F*CK (2005) – I saw it more than “just a few times” and I think it’s probably the best documentary to start this list with. Why? Simply because it’s always the thought and the word before the deed… and since I mentioned “the word,” get ready to hear the notorious ‘F’ word occurind 8.86 times per minute during this movie! 😉

2. A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex (2006) – Presented by Dr. Catherine Hood, this documentary TV series about sex ran on Channel Five during late 2006 and covered topics such as STDs, sexual positions, swinging, use of recreational drugs during sex, and so on. Pretty interesting, if you ask me – the only problem being the fact that the 8 45-minute episodes barely scratch the surface of this field…

3. Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids (2004) – The first one in my personal “to watch” list, since I already watched the two ones above. Why? Well, it may not be exactly a “documentary about sexuality,” but it’s surely marginally connected to this topic and seems like one I must watch, and I am sure that 7.8/10 IMDB rating wasn’t awarded by mistake…

4. The Perfect Vagina (2008) – A documentary not only about vaginal cosmetic surgery, but also about the reasons that push more and more women to try and change what their genes/nature/God gave them (pick your favorite). You can watch it here for free. Intriguing!

5. Busting Out (2004) – If the above sounds too much for you or not interesting enough, here’s one that may keep you watching from beginning to the last minute (only 55 in all, so don’t worry) – this documentary is about the politics and history of America’s breast obsession.

6. My Penis And Everyone Else’s (2007) – Another documentary about people’s obsession with their own genitalia – this time about men’s fixations, society’s stereotypes and… the world’s largest collection of penis portraiture! This one was also broadcast on TV and, fortunately, it’s freely available to watch here.

7. A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures (2008) – One indie filmmaker tries to interview his ex-girlfriends and find out why his relationships never worked. Since he was always the one being dumped, you can already figure out that this documentary also has some funny parts, but I won’t say more – just go here to watch it!

Since there’s much more to this topic than I could cover now and, worst of all, documentaries about sexuality can only be found in my “to watch” list once in a while, I will close this article here, for now. Anyway, as soon as I’ll get some interesting suggestions from you, be sure that the list will continue. Until then, feel free to browse that rather long list of documentaries about sexuality I found here. Enjoy!

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