Special YouTube Comments – Episode 1

“Special YouTube comments” always sounded like an oxymoron to me, but that changed about a week ago. What happened to change that? As usual, I was browsing YouTube, checking out various videos without any special target in mind. Fortunately, this YouTube browsing session ended with the discovery of two comments that really brightened my entire month, especially since YouTube comments have been labeled by The Urban Dictionary as “The ultimate example of human stupidity” or “The brutal and repeated rape of the English language” and others like these…

… so let’s just quote these two awesome comments and link back to the videos that helped them come to life, shall we?

First, we have azraelsgrave, a metal head that commented on Nightwish’s “While Your Lips Are Still Red” video, his words being the following:

“A song speaks louder than anything when it speaks in waves to a tender heart. It gives a poet his breath. It swarms like a madness inside the head. It bleaches the eyes to see nothing but that love. Blindness .. beautiful, and sweet. To bleed and become a corpse while holding your true loves hand. If my life can only be so blessed. In life, suffering, and death, always awaiting for that sweet kiss.”

Special YouTube Comments

Eluveitie – A Rose for Epona – comments

Next, there’s something more down to earth, but still something that can be included in my “Special YouTube comments” series –

“A science teacher at my school recommended this band to me. I’m now in love with this song. Thank you abnormal teachers who are willing to talk? music with kids and have obscure tastes ^_^”

by fooff1 on Eluveitie’s “A Rose for Epona“.

As I said in the beginning, these comments really brightened up my entire month, darkened by local politics/economic turmoil, cold weather, lack of enough free time and various other personal issues that don’t need to be mentioned here. To make everyone’s month at least a bit brighter, why don’t you drop some of your thoughts right down below and, maybe even better, share some of your favorite special YouTube comments with the rest of us? Come on, go ahead, don’t be shy, write it down and hit that “Post Comment” button below!

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