Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Why in the hell would anyone stay out of the comfort zone without being forced to do that? The answer to that question should be really simple to those who managed to do something serious with their lives. Basically, it’s about the fact that virtually nobody who became somebody did that by waking up at 10 o’clock, working one hour a day and feeling as comfortable as possible. In most cases, you’ll read about the geographical, mental, activity-related, and personal comfort zones, all assorted with a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but I’ll avoid that and try to keep things short and simple, as usual.

Today, it’s all about one of the days I decided to stay out of my comfort zone. The ingredients of this short story? My laziness, before anything else. The brilliant part of it all? The fact that, despite the fact I went to sleep around 3:00 AM, I decided to wake up at 8 AM, although I usually sleep at least 7 hours, but this completely changed my day…

Why would I do such a thing? After all, there was nothing I really had to do. Nothing special, only something inside my head… and the first of Bob Parson’s 16 rules! 😉 The result? I started that day working on some “volatile task” that I sometimes have the chance to perform (and get paid for it, of course), a task that I would have missed otherwise (enough to say that sleeping 30 minutes more could cost me some money… but I never now if that happens, unless I wake up soon enough to know what I would miss). No need to tell you that I had a great day from all points of view and this “morning quick buck” was only a small part of it…

I know the above may seem a bit strange, but you have to trust me – little things can lead to big things and, sometimes, staying out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need to feel that progress doesn’t need any big sacrifices – you only have to be aware that, if “everything’s fine” day after day, without anything bothering you, then something’s surely wrong!

P.S. There’s a lot to say about Bob Parson’s rules and about people that you should think of every time you feel something’s not possible, but I’ll leave that for another day. Now, just remember that you’re doing it right when you’re not feeling completely safe, happy, relaxed and so on. Have a great weekend and remember – the only limits are inside your head!

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