Symptoms and Treatment of Depression

Let’s look a little in your life and see why are you so sad. Have you ever wondered if you are depressed or feeling just blue? What might be symptoms to know for sure which one of them you have?
Depression, also known as clinical depression is a medical and mental health disorder that is associated with many factors, including the balance of chemicals in the brain. Depression can be described through a large variety of symptoms, most often being feelings of sadness or despair. Depression can affect a person’s ability to function effectively in his social, professional or intimate life.

How can you recognize the symptoms?

– Sadness or loss of interest. The person feels sad without having a reasonable explanation. She may find herself sad and lonely in the middle of a joyful crowd. This person experiences a total lack of interest in the activities she’s involved in and it’s possible for her to fail before she even starts it. For these persons it’s possible that activities they liked in the past are now considered unpleasant or exhausting.

– Guilt, a low self-esteem, uselessness or weakness. Nothing they do seems useful or important and they feel that everything everybody else does is important, that everybody else is more smart, accomplished or useful that them.

– Lack of energy. They may experience a continuous tiredness, slow movements or even slow thinking.

– Need to sleep. Some people say that you desire to sleep a lot and you’re never satisfied with that. You’re depressive, but depression may also cause the desire not to sleep, insomnia.

– Appetite. Some of the depressives may experience the urge to eat more to compensate the lacks in other areas; other may experience lack of appetite saying “this food has no taste”. Also people experience the loss of sexual appetite.

– Physically symptoms. Depressive may experience headache, indigestion, sleeping problems, problems breathing.

– Thoughts of suicide. Depressives may think life has no use, that everything is plain and that they can’t find the purpose for anything. For some of these people the thought becomes reality.

Treatment of depression

Depending on the diagnosis depression can be cured by various methods.


Is important no matter how seriously is the illness. The person suffering from depression faces a difficult period that affects his work, social life and intimate life. With psychotherapy depression can be solved in one month to several months, depending on some factors. Psychotherapy involves not just the client but also the family, it is more involved with person and family.

Medications for treating depression

If the mental health disorder is severe it can be recommended to use medications for a faster response. This kind of depression can lead to impulsive behavior, he might be too confused or disturbed to ask for counseling or react to it.

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