The Future

The future – I know it may sound hilarious for people who got all the nuts and bolts in their right places, but I see more and more people asking questions or “getting ready” (whatever they mean by that) for the end of the world (aka Apocalypse, Doomsday, and so on)! This article is not about the movie released in 2011 (The Future on IMDB) – a rather popular movie, as far as I can tell, although I didn’t manage to see it yet – but about THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING. It won’t be long, but if it makes at least one human think for a few seconds and reconsider his life’s priorities, I would be very happy. These being said, here it goes…

The Future of Everything

The future for all or just a nice dream?

  • The future is always there, so there is ALWAYS hope – keep this in mind and never lose your faith!
  • The future is black, white or a shiny rainbow – you just need to imagine and never lose focus of your goal – after all, life has no meaning, but we all find one…
  • The future may not be entirely up to you on a global scale, but you don’t have to lose hope – don’t be afraid of any Doomsday scenario you may hear, just keep going – there were ALWAYS Doomsday scenarios around since the ancient times, yet most people left dark thoughts aside and tried to live their lives the best way they could.
  • The future is a puzzle – try to change as much people as you can during your life, because it’s up to each of us how this puzzle ends up.

Just… watch this great speech, possibly the greatest speech ever made; if you start your day with it, it can only be a good day – or YOU CAN MAKE IT THAT WAY – the future is you!!!

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