What is Depression

Depression is a very serious illness which has to be treated very carefully and has to be taken seriously. Depending on its depth it has to be treated or it will just go away. Some stories say that only women can be depressive, but that’s not true. I know men would like that, but they can also be affected by it.

The difference between men and women is the way they were raised. Women were thought to express their feelings, their pain, their content, men on the other side were thought that is shameful to express what they feel and so most of them don’t express a thing. Because men consider depression something shameful and they tend to hide it and to act violent, yell with no apparent reason, to use alcohol or even drugs.

Without treatment, depression may cause in the life of that person small or big problems in their professional, personal or financial life. If it’s extremely powerful it may take that person to commit suicide, but if the problem is found at the right time it may treat the person and make it feel alive again.

Studies have shown that men in general tend to hide when they’re in this mood and that is why we thought women are more exposed to having a depression. Scientists have also discovered that men can have depressions just as much as women, just a little more powerful. Why do they hide it? Simple… men are known to be strong, fearful; they can’t show their emotions or their weakness because if they do, they will be judged.

We can easily spot depressive people because they have slow movements, low voices and they’re always easy to irritate.  The experience of depression is an overwhelming feeling which can make you feel unable to relate, hopeless about the present and the future. In depression your appetite may change, you’ll eat more than usual or almost nothing, also you may have trouble sleeping. No matter how much you’ll sleep you may feel tired. Another feeling during depression is the feeling of guilt which can appear with no apparent reason.

Depression is a common disorder that affects over 120 millions of people in the world and it’s to blame for over 700,000 suicides annually. If you can recognize the symptoms in time you can get proper help for treating it. In general people don’t ask for this help and they tend to say and suffer in silence. Less than 30% of these people tend to ask for help in treating it.

In the end it’s important for you to know when you can go get help and when it’s just the state of “feeling blue”. Feeling sad and upset it’s part of our ups and downs in life, for example feeling sad or grieving to a loss is the natural way of being, but the symptoms can make you think you’re depressive. Some of these feelings are part of the healing process and are normal, but if they persist for more than 2-3 months then it’s time for you to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

About Iris Lulea

Psychologist specialized in Family, Couple and Children Therapy at S.P.E.R.